Control many RGBs with AVR XMEGA microcontroller & Fade effect tutorial

Timer configuration

Let’s write a simple codebase to control 8 PWM channels. I’ll use a real world example — I’ve done this configuration in my room. It has two RGB strips and two single color LEDs:

  • Bed RGB — RGB strip over my bed
  • Window RGB
  • Desk white LED
  • Bookshelf white LED

Adding fade effect

Now we’re going to add a simple fade effect. It will let us go smoothly from one color to another. I have done it using C++ features.
Firstly, let’s create a pair of files: header LedController.hand source LedController.cpp. Here’s the first one:



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Bartłomiej Klocek

Bartłomiej Klocek

Enthusiast of electronics and all kinds of software development — from web apps to embedded systems. Expo open-source contributor at Software Mansion.